We’d like to thank all the vets who have sacrificed time from their normal, every day lives to work towards saving our freedoms.

Thank you, Vets!
Thank you, Vets!

Ann & my favorite huMAN just spent two weeks visiting countries in Europe who have spent some of their histories under Communist rule.

We really have no idea of how different that would be. Ann & my favorite huMAN noticed how much the citizens of these countries appreciate their freedoms they have now.

We have many family members who have served:

  • My favorite huMAN served 22 years in the Air Force
  • My human sister served in the Army. Her husband retired from the Army as a Captain
  • Ann’s mom served in the WAVES in Florida during World War II
  • My favorite huMAN’s brother served in the Army.
  • Ann’s oldest brother served 20 years in the Naval Reserves, retiring as a Commander.
  • Her nephew retired from the Navy.
  • and the list goes on….

Here are some thanks that we’ve shared over the years.

And my personal favorite..

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