Welcome to Summer! The calendar might say June 21st, but in my mind, Summer kicks off today! And so do our June Specials!

Yes! We Have June Specials!

I’ve already barked about the retiring lists that start today. But just in case you didn’t see them, we made two versions of the retirement lists for you, both with slightly larger print.

BOGO50 Kit Special

This kit special is going to be cray-cray. It will all depend on what’s available.

What’s BOGO50? That’s Buy One, Get One 50% off. And what’s really special is that they’ll give you 50% off the MORE expensive of the two!

That’s just not normal! We’ve never seen it done that way, but we’re happy to make sure you know.

If it were up to me, this A Million Thanks kit is pretty high up on the list. Here’s how Ann made one of the cards.

A Million Thanks
A Million Thanks

Now, kits aren’t for everyone, but it’s nice to have a good one on hand for the times that you don’t have the time or the inclination to design and make a card.

Luckily, we know that doesn’t happen often to dedicated crafters. But kits are convenient. And kits allow a lot of people who don’t craft the ability to stick their toe in the water and give it a go. They make great gifts because they’re all self contained and perfect for someone who has no supplies.

This kit make 9 cards with lined envelopes. It comes with everything you need including black enamel dots, little dimensionals, lined envelopes and an acrylic block. Look at how the enamel polka dots shine! And the interior is white so that you can write without adding a liner.

A Million Thanks
A Million Thanks

While my crack typist is typing this, here’s a picture list of what’s available right now – and we’ve even added a special shopping code for you. (So if you shop in our online store and spend more than $150, you’ll want to remove it.)

Of course, this could change at any time.

It Gets Even Better!

And to top it off, our online shoppers get all these cool perks!

But I’ll bet that you’d like to know what we used for supplies.

So before we share the picture list, I want to be sure you know what we give all our online shoppers.

Order here
  • All online shoppers get a handmade reusable card in your mailbox.
  • And at least 4 free project tutorials in your inbox.
  • Add a sampling of current product when you use the current code UZBNG92V . (Copy it just in case.)
    • Don’t use the code if your order is $150+ so you can enjoy Stampin’ Rewards. We’ll still send you everything.
  • Track your purchases with this form and earn free stamps and dies exclusively from me and Ann. Plus we’ll send you our next mini catalogs with even more ideas.

Remember that you save 10% when you take a bundle option when available.

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