Oh my! Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads, Grandpas, Uncles, Godfathers.

It would make sense that we would share a Fathers Day card here, but you’ve probably already made yours. Plus, I’m making my typist go to bed.

Yes. it was quite a day yesterday. My favorite huMAN was so excited to take his friend to a special veterans museum that he forgot to close the garage door.

That’s okay. The stamps are safe.

He came back after only an hour because his friend’s wife had a heart attack the night before. We’re hoping a mild one, but anything that messes with your heart hits pretty close to home in this house.

So in just an hour he ran a few errands and brought Ann back something to eat – because that’s the kind of guy he is.

Later he helped his friend get his wife’s car home – because that’s the kind of guy he is.

So, we’re dedicating today to him. Ann’s got his card where he’ll find it in the morning and we’ll share it with you tomorrow – along with the Sweet Treats announcement.

And we hope you’re making your guy feel pretty special today. But when you’re done with that…

Get Ready for Tuesday!

What’s up with Tuesday? Well, it’s the 21st of June. It’s the first day of Summer. And it’s free shipping for all orders over $75!

Free Shipping Tuesday
Free Shipping Tuesday

Yes! Be very nice to the Father figure in your home today for Tuesday is going to be all about Summer and all about you!

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Get Ready for Thursday

Because registration ends on Tuesday – the same day as the big sale. It’s our Stamp & Play Day this Thursday at 5:30pm Pawcific.

Stamp & Play Day #18
Stamp & Play Day #18

Great bunch of people will welcome you. (Ann & Domino will welcome you too.) You’ll make a card at an easy pace. You can share you dog or cat on our Zoom call.

Then they play games and we give away a lot of Stampin’ Bucks you can spend. Register today so you won’t forget!

And again, Happy Fathers Day!

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