Yes! You can join our online party now. Then you’ll be one of the first in when the doors open tonight at 5:30pm Pawcific Time.

You can win a fabulous door prize or perhaps even a $25 gift certificate! But you must join here to be included.

Doors Open Tonight
Doors Open Tonight

We’ll be warming up the crowd until Ann goes live Thursday at 5:30pm Pawcific Time. Our apprentice, Domino, and I have been thinking up some fun and games. Of course, you’d probably like a fabulous door prize, wouldn’t you?

Free Shipping!

Isn’t it great that Stampin’ Up! is adding free shipping for 24 hours the same day that Ann goes live! WOW!

Free Shipping
  • So grab your Wish List.
  • Start shopping now.
  • Then hit the button to close and purchase early Thursday.
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