Last month at our Mystery Card & Games Party, Ann made this Mystery Birthday Card along with them.

It was great when many of them shared their card. But Ann, being the slow stamper that she is, did everything but the greeting. She didn’t finish before the games part of the event.

Here is how she finished the project.

Mystery Birthday Card
Mystery Birthday Card

I like it a lot and I’m glad that she had my favorite huMAN take it over to Gail for her birthday. You know, Ann’s son-in-law has the same birthday. Guess we’d best get on sending him a card too.

We’re doing a pajama party this month for the Mystery Card & Games Party. You don’t have to wear your pajamas for this Zoom event, but I know Ann will.

We have a great group to stamp with and many of them show me their dog or cat during the party. Deb even let her husband in the party once.

Grab your spot here while we’re still in Early Bird seating.

How It Works

At least 24 hours before the event, Ann sends out the supplies list. You don’t have to use any specific supplies. Just use what you have on hand and cut the paper the size Ann tells you.

You all make your cards together – or just sit and gab. Even if you don’t make the card, you’ll have the dimensions you need and will have seen the card made. I’m sure Ann will throw in a few tips. She usually does.

Then all the humans play games for prizes. I think it starts with a B…..

Mystery Birthday Card Making Supplies

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