Today’s quick and easy encouraging card is perfect for a Sunday card. In fact, it’s perfect for any time you want to send a thoughtful card to your loved one.

Quick and Easy Encouraging Card
Quick and Easy Encouraging Card

Whether you love purple or just like purple, these are just gorgeous hydrangeas!

Or could it be that it’s because they’re Ann’s favorite flower? They remind her of the house she grew up in. There were several hydrangea bushes up against the house. (They’re much easier to grow where she’s from than here.)

What’s your favorite flower?

Did you know that the acidity of the soil determines what color they’ll be? Yep. That’s how it works.

Now, this beautiful hydrangea patterned paper will be going away at the end of June, but the greeting is going away before that – in just a couple weeks.

We love this stamp set! It really puts the quick in a quick card. And the greetings are so encouraging!

You can get a full list of retiring set in an easy-to-read format here.

Quick and Easy Encouraging Card
Quick and Easy Encouraging Card

Did you notice the Champagne Rhinestones? And the fact that we didn’t put borders on the top and bottom? There are no rules that the borders have to be even all the way around.

I got that straight from a stamp policeman.

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