We’re going live at 1pm Pawcific to celebrate spring and share some spring paper crafts.

We’ll be chatting a little about the retiring items and sharing a Spring project or two that you might like to make for Easter.

Can you believe that we took these stamp sets out of our stamp closet? How many do you think are in there?

Some time in May, Ann will be deciding which ones to keep and which to sell at our monthly stamps, kits and crafts sale.

Spring Paper Crafts

Don’t waste your time counting them. There are a few that aren’t in the bucket.

I was so happy that my favorite huMAN helped Ann so that she didn’t make me go fetch that many times.

He read the list. She filled the bucket. That’s as it should be.

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This is our final time to edit the retiring lists (I hope). We’ve made the print larger so most will be able to read them without a magnifying glass.

We’ve also sorted them two different ways so you can pick your preference.

Shop early as it’s while supplies last!

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