Yesterday was so much fun as we celebrated Ann’s birthday and made a flowery birthday card together. You made it so special for her!

She had a pretty big birthday breakfast with waffles, bacon and eggs. (oh my!) My favorite huMAN really knows how to make a good breakfast, but it was a lot to consume before getting ready for making cards.

Ann wanted to remake a popular Pinterest card that we made 7 years ago when I was just a pup. We posted it in this post in February 2014. She didn’t look at it since last week so I’m surprised at how much she remembered!

Must be a great layout.

Flowery Birthday Card
Flowery Birthday Card

The layout is similar to the original but she added a little bit of texture this time around. And, of course, she changed up the color scheme quite a bit.

People commented about the original card being fresh and clean. Perhaps that won’t be the comment for this color combination.

Flowery Birthday Card
Flowery Birthday Card

Our viewers picked out the greeting. It’s from a set that you can get for free with a $50 purchase if you act before they run out.

Sale-a-Bration ends February 28th, but as we get closer to the end, they may run out of things.

We weren’t sure that the texture was going to work with the stripes, but I like it. I like it a lot. Especially with the texture that the dies make on the flowers. (Scroll down for our picture list of supplies to get your own dies.)

You can watch how she did it in the video on our YouTube channel here.

Flowery Birthday Card
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5 Go To Layouts

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