My dear friends…

As you may already know, Ann types my thoughts late at night while I’m sleeping. I really do send pup-o-graphic messages to her to let her know what I want translated for me.

But last night, we had high winds. It was nothing like many of you have experienced. When she checked it was 33mph and gusts up to 60mph.

The power went out for short periods a couple times last night and so, needless to say, no typing was performed for this dog.

It is supposed to calm down today, but since we may not be able to broadcast, we want to be sure you know that today is the last day you can register for Saturday’s Mystery Card Party.

We’ve got quite a crowd and everyone’s going to win a prize. (The smallest at this time is $9.)

You can register here through tonight as we’ve got a lot to get ready behind the scenes. It will be done on a Zoom call and should be quite the event.

You won’t want to miss it!

I’m sorry but at this time it is only open to those of you who have a U.S. address.

Mystery Card Party
Registration ends 1/27/21

Even through the high winds, our online store is open.

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