Are you ready to organize your craft space? That’s all Ann talked about yesterday on our live stream.

We cover stamp room organization at least once a year. We do this full length version now and then we share new things as we add them to our room.

Different things work for different people so we show and talk about more than one way to store your stamping tools, papers and accessories.

You can watch the replay on YouTube to get ideas to help organize your craft space or watch it below.

What are the 3 points? There are so many ideas, but here are 3 points that Ann suggested:

  • Start with your drawers to make room to move things.
  • Start in one place, one corner.
  • Organize around your habits.

Yes, you’re more apt to do well if you organize around the way that you like to do things.

Everyone Loves Our Magnets

The magnets that we have tested and show in the live stream have been really popular. We have added additional options for different sized packages for these great options.

They are wonderful to use to hold your dies in place either inside a coordinating stamp set, in their packaging or other options.

Registration Ends Tomorrow

This weekend we’re doing something really fun. It’s a Mystery Card Party. Yep. We’ll make a card together on a Zoom call and then play games afterwards so that everyone finishes with a prize.

But you must register here by Wednesday, January 27th.

Mystery Card Party
Registration ends 1/27/21

It’ll be more fun with you there! Please register today.

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