Right now might not be the right time to make a Fall invitation, but maybe it’s different where you are.

It seems like the safest way to meet is outside. And it’s not going to be nice much longer. That is, if it’s already nice where you are. There are many places where the weather just isn’t cooperating.

But this invitation idea can be sure for more than just an invitation. Just change the greeting!

Fall Invitation

We started this card on our live stream yesterday. I should warn you that it didn’t go exactly as planned.

That’s what can happen when the card is in your head and we make it together with you. Perhaps we should call it Ann’s experimental stamping center.

But that’s where the fun is!

You can watch the live stream replay here. Or watch it below.

After it was over, I told Ann to cut down the sides of the Cajun Craze card base. So she did.

Fall Invitation

That’s actually the leaf that you see through the leaf-shaped hole on the front of the card. And that narrow border is what’s left of the Cajun Craze card base.

Then Ann cut through the Sahara Sand piece and the front of the new Cinnamon Cider folded card base at the same time. It did work, for the most part, but it wasn’t without its challenges.

Where the stem is got a little stuck and the Cinnamon Cider tore a little by the stem.

The way that we showed in the video worked better for us. Ann just cut the card base without having enough light to see the pencil lines. She should’ve used a pen or had more light.

We do have more light in the room – just not while you’re watching.

So we covered it up like this.

Fall Invitation

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