If you want your favorite guy to feel special, I’d advise you make him this hero card. It’s sure to score you a few points, don’t you think?

Ann got help from my fans who watched our live stream yesterday at 1pm Pawcific. The helped Ann pick out colors for this card – and yet, she only stamped the leaves.

But I’m sure there were several nuggets for people to take away.

She promised to share the card today, so here it is. (I’ll just tell you that my favorite huMAN was over the moon about it.)

Hero Card

Now, I’ll share a secret. When Ann put this through the layers through the Old World Paper 3D Embossing Folder, she put it through backwards. She could’ve left it there, but no! She flipped it over and put it through again! So now it’s really wrinkled!

We’ll be sharing a close up and a supply list. Just read on.

We’ll be on live again today too. You can find us here:

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You can check out some of our latest live streams here – including the one where we negotiated the colors of the leaves on today’s cards.

Take a look at how that card turned out. Would you have done it differently?

Hero Card

Hero Card Making Supplies

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