There’s no April Fools here! We could celebrate it but we usually don’t. Why? Because some April Fools jokes can cause a lot of worry these days.

However, I may wear my fur coat backwards today. Just barkin’.

And if I told you that all our online shoppers were getting new cars, you’d know I was crossing my paws, right?

We have some new exciting things to kick off April with!

First, an early release of a suite that will be featured in the 2020-2021 Stampin’ Up! catalog.

Thank You Card

We’ll be showing all of the new collection today on our Wednesday Live Stream with some tips and tricks on how to use the coordinating dies. You can scroll down so you’ll know all our news about today’s fun event.

Or you can view/print your Ornate Garden Suite flyer here or click the picture for details.

Shopping Code
Copy and use code 9FSGTV6Z

We have news about our live streams!

Watch us today on YouTube or Facebook
  • Even if you’ve never done this before, we hope that you’ll discover it’s a fun break in your day. (We hear that a lot from first timers!)
  • We now have a permanent link to take you directly to all our Facebook live streams. The newest one will be featured at the top.
  • Facebook is now allowing us to have closed captioning that is almost instantaneous.
    • There are different places to find it on your phone than your computer.
    • Ann will explain more on today’s live stream.
  • Register here for a reminder.
    • We’ll send you an electronic reminder to both venues by Facebook Messenger right as we start.
    • You can also ask Facebook &/or YouTube to remind you but those can come about 15 minutes later.

Find us on your favorite venue!

Here’s the time in your neighborhoods!

But if you just cruised by looking for a card making idea, we have thousands of card making ideas here.

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No April Fools this year. Maybe next year.