It’s finally Friday and time for our last Craft Break of the week.

Dogs at Work

I hope you’ve been able to join us during the live events – or at least on the replays.

Ann and I would like to thank you for supporting our small business so this pup can put food on the table.

Why is Ann going live every weekday?

With all this C-19 health stuff going around, we just want to bring a little crafts, light and laughter into your home.

Here’s the quick card we made yesterday after touring the 2000-2001 Stampin’ Up! catalog together. The audience picked out about 10 pages and they all looked at how much styles have changed over 9 or 10 years.

Color Coordinated Notecard

Here’s what we used to make it. We just seem to be loving those Scalloped Notecards lately.

Scroll down for today’s live stream links, but first, you should know that Stampin’ Up! got some products in that they weren’t expecting until next week. If yours were on backorder, they should be shipped soon. They have more, but we don’t know how much more.

These are the popular items that just became available again.

It’s Finally Friday Craft Break

Finally Friday

Make time to hang out with us today.

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