We're taking a moment from this World Card Making Celebration Month to regain our composure.  If you didn't know it already, Ann's a bit of a Night Owl.  And what does she check as soon as it's midnight Stampin' Up! time?  Why, the Stampin' Up! website to find out what cool things Stampin' Up! has planned for the next day. 

2011-SacClub-SAB You already know that Stampin' Up! has the best stampin' products around.  But for us, Stampin' Up! is a self improvement course with a compensation plan.  Ann is SO much happier now than she was working for someone else.  And she got ME & she got YOU in the process – none of which would have ever happened otherwise.

And aren't we glad of that!?!

Click 4 Close Up!Maybe your dream isn't to work full time for yourself.  (Believe me!  It wasn't hers either in the beginning!)  Maybe your dream is to get a little extra money.  Maybe it's getting some stampin' time with your friends. No matter what your dream is, Ann can help you get there.  And to top it off, when you join our team in October, you can get a FREE BIG SHOT!

Since Ann melted my Big Shot last Summer, maybe this is the time for me to sign up!  I already know that all I need to do is to follow all the tips on this page.

For some of you, this is a big step.  Start by calling us at 530-674-5090 so we can answer your questions.  For many of you, like me, it's just a little leap of faith because you've been ready to go for a long time now.  Just go for it & use the tips on this page to help your first step be a breeze.

We'll be back tomorrow with another cool project for you.  Just as soon as the smelling salts kick in.  If they don't work soon, I'll be having to pick Ann up off the floor and that's a bigger dog trick than I'm up for!

It's a grrrrreat time to be the blog dog of a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

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