I’ll bet you’d like to know what a Magic Santa Card is. It’s nothing special about the card itself, but you may already know – we sometimes like to incorporate gift cards in our cards.

Here’s the Magic Santa Card

Magic Santa Card

So what’s magic about our Magic Santa? His arms move when you tilt him.

That makes him perfect to use for my human niece and nephew – even though they’re in double digit territory.

Magic Santa Card

See how his arms tilt? The more you tilt him back and forth, the more his arms fly.

I hope he doesn’t fly off the card! (Actually, we’re going to show you how to avoid that today.)

Or maybe we’ll just prove that any card is fine when you put $25 in it.

Live Streaming at 1pm Pawcific

It’ll be fun! Ann will be showing a new mini paper trimmer that Stampin’ Up! is offering soon.

And there will be laughter. Yes, much laughter.

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