We had a great day with Cheryl, Jan, Marsha and Gail at our 3rd Christmas Stamp a Stack yesterday.

It was quite a day with reminders of larger lessons to be learned.

At least two of our stampers’ husbands are in the hospital today. And those are just the ones we know about.

Ann and I don’t know what your whole life is like. We only want to be shining light in your life.

Did you know that we’ve been making videos over 10 years? Maybe not as many as you’d like….but not all of them are public. We have over 300 public ones on YouTube and almost 300 on our VIP site that we call the Master Stamper.

Yesterday, someone admitted to being bow challenged. Guess what! Ann was too for a long time! So what a great time to bring back

One of Our First Videos!

It’s over 11 years old so you much know that technology has improved over time. It’s only a few minutes long, but Ann still uses this as her baseline for making a good knot – and by using loops instead of straight pieces of ribbon, you can make a bow.

How to Tie a Bow

This was just the start of it. Ann wouldn’t even talk in the beginning!

Everyone starts somewhere.

But oh, how far we’ve come! (Even though YouTube changed out our original music.) You know that we have better music now!

You may have seen all of Ann’s public videos on YouTube. If those make you chuckle or inspire you, then you might want to step up to our Master Stamper program.

Try it for a month! We know you’ll love it!

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