Do you need a little gift box to fit a small gift? Like money? Or maybe a gift card? How about jewelry?

Do you like to make your gift boxes unique? Well, here’s a new one you can add to your gift box collection.

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Gift Box

We’re not going to show exactly how to make a gift box, but we can inspire you to make it!

It’s really a bit unique how it goes together. For instance, even though we made this out of Crumb Cake which is usually a UPS kind of box, we added some bling to jazz it up a little.

Here is What We Used to Make the Gift Box

  • You need a die cutting machine that will accept thin dies for this.
  • We usually don’t use Liquid Glue for something like this. You just have to hold it for a little bit. (Having opposing thumbs helps.)

What if You Don’t Have a Die Cutting Machine?

Well, a die cutting machine is great to have, but not everyone has one. When I was a pup, Ann did a video on how to make a box with no template.

We keep the video archived over for our Master Stamper members, but a tripped over a copy of it that we posted here on my blog.

You can watch the No Template Box Video here.

Just don’t laugh! Well, after the beginning, don’t laugh. The beginning’s pretty funny.

But remember that this was recorded over 10 years ago. That was a few cameras ago.

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We hope you like our gift box ideas we shared today. Let us know!