Ann was down in Sacramento with her stampers.  I was sitting here with Cecil doing what guys do when girls are gone – watch sports on TV, chase the ball, eat, chase the ball, go outside & water the plants….  Well, you get the picture.

Before I turned in for the night, I perused Ann's stamp table.  She's got some cute stuff coming up, but this is what I could grab before Cecil found out I was snooping.


Can't wait until Israel, the UPS guy comes by so we can give him this.  We're putting a little somethin' somethin' in here for him for all his deliveries – and there are many!  Those stamp boxes & Big Shots can be heavy, but he's always happy to see me.!  There's no rubber stamping on this card, but the Big Shot makes it sing!

I don't usually sing for Israel……just when those substitute guys deliver.

I think we have a video coming for this card, but it's not what you think it will be.  Stay tuned.  Back soon as soon as the editing is finished.

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