Did you vote yesterday?  We did.  Well, Ann and my favorite huMAN did.

But my big event was a trip to the Vet’s for my annual check-up.  Dr. V is one good vet and she’s going to be seeing me again really soon.

Just barking here.

Honestly, I need a little tooth work done.


We did make time to plan a project to play with you today!

Bring your Big Shots!  We’ve got something fun to do!

Facebook Live and YouTube

Here’s when we’re on.

  • 10am Hawaii Time
  • Noon for most of Alaska
  • 1pm Pawcific & Arizona Time
  • 2pm Mountain Time
  • 3pm Central Time
  • 4pm Eastern Time

You can watch us on Facebook here or you can watch us on YouTube here.

But with so much going on in our lives.  We wouldn’t want you to miss it.  Ann usually gives prizes away – at least if I have anything to bark about it.

You can get a reminder by Facebook Messenger to both events when you register here.


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