Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go quite right?

Well, Wednesday was one of those days.  And it started off with an early morning phone call that our dear friend was failing fast.

My favorite huMAN went out to see him and that left me and Ann alone to do the Wednesday Stamping Show.

And that’s where the rubber REALLY hit the ink pad!  It’s almost like Ann ….well…..I’ve got proof here how she laughed through the whole thing.

If you’re reading this in your email, you can view the video here.

My favorite huMAN returned later and all was well.  I think everyone understood that it was just NOT going to be the perfect day.

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But I Digress…….

You see, later that very same day, Ann got a card in the mail from one of our 24/7 Stampers.  Our friend Valory sent us a really nice card made with the limited edition Share What You Love Bundle that is ONLY available this month.

Special Friend Card

And if you think the beautiful card she sent was good, you should see what she put on the large Post-It Note inside!

If she thinks that we’re EVER giving this card away, she’s wrong!

We didn’t post yesterday because we lost internet just about the time I was ready to send Ann my pupographic messages for her to type my post.

How could she know that?

It just amazed me how Ann got this card from Valory on just the very day that she talked about sending someone a card to let them know they’re special!

Special Friend Card

Early yesterday morning, we got the call that our friend had passed away.

What a sad start to the day!

He was over 80 and very healthy until the last year or so of his life.  But he never went to the doctor!  YIKES!

And last night, the internet, cable AND phone went out!

What a sad end to the day!

So, take care of yourself, my stamping friends – and pray for the cable repair guys.  We want them to stay in tip top condition.

If they have the funeral next Wednesday, we’ll push our online stamping date to Thursday.  I’ll make sure that Ann tells you.

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What a great handmade card idea!