Today I want to write a little note to thank all our friends.  It’s been quite a week!

Ann got poked and x-rayed and checked out.  She’s kinda fine, but I can tell that I’m sometimes not as peppy as I used to be.


Perhaps we should start taking walks.  Yep.  A little exercise might help.  I think I should take her for a walk more often.

In the meantime,

We’d like to thank a few people we ran into this week.  You see Ann and my favorite huMAN were supposed to go to some meetings about an hour away for a couple days.  He went.  She couldn’t until the very end.  So we’d like to thank the friends that drove.  One couple took my favorite huMAN up and back twice.  And then another couple that Ann didn’t know very well let her ride up with them and then back with the first couple.

I’d like to thank those helpful tech gals at Target that helped Ann get a new phone.  She saved a LOT and she didn’t have to change her plan or carrier.  It was the smoothest fastest phone purchase she’s ever made – and she’s had a cell phone since 1995.  (She said it came in a bag!)

Ann’s still wondering if the pregnant gal in Target bought the black outfit with red flowers that made her look so pretty.  Ann even told her how good she looked!

Stamping, just like stamping, is a group sport!

And we’d like to thank our friend Georgia who made this card and swapped it with Ann earlier this catalog year.

Who knew it would retire so quickly!

And later we discovered that it’s not!

Wood Words Card

Didn’t she do so well on this fast and fabulous card?

It’s not hard to see the good in most situations.  These are not the only people we are thankful for.

I’m especially fond of our neighbor who came over to let me go outside after Ann left last night.  A dog can only cross his paws for so long!

The Wood Words set works so well with the Wood Crate Framelits.

Wood Words

Available in Wood or Clear Mount

In fact, you can buy them both together and save 10%

I think I should do that while Ann’s not looking.

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What a great handmade card idea!