There’s always something going on in the tech world.  Ann doesn’t explain it all to me.


I’d probably sleep through any tech explanation.

Wouldn’t you?

And over the last couple days, you may have had challenges seeing my barks.

The place that hosts our sites had some server problems, but they just kept working on it.  It caused us to go offline, sometimes for several minutes and sometimes for a few hours.

But I think it’s over now.

At least I hope so!

So the day ended yesterday with almost all of my Yuba City Stamp Club gals stamping and laughing and eating and….

You know what you do when a bunch of stampers get together!

So today Ann will be talking about organizing your stamp room.  We’ve got some low-cost organizing ideas that may be able to help you!

Facebook Live @ 1pm

You can join us at 1pm on Facebook here.  OR you can join us at 1pm on You Tube here.

We know it’ll be more fun with you there!

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