Are you doing a New Year’s resolution?  Or are you doing a word for the year?

Is getting organized on your to-do list for 2018?

It’s on the top of ours!

Ann talked a little bit about this on our last live appearance.  (You can see it on You Tube here or on my Facebook page here.)  Yes, our viewers do like to chat and some shared their own words.


That’s our word!

And we’re thinking of doing a bit more organizing this year.  We’ve had a pile on the floor of our stamp room for longer than I’d like to admit.  It hasn’t been the same stuff all the time.  The contents change.  But the pile stays and is starting to get in the way.

Ann’s office has gotten worse over the past year so we made a pact to work even 15 minutes a day on each room – starting today.

I bought her a pair of red shoes she’s been wanting so now she must clean and organize for me.

Organizing Pact

Organizing Pact

And since our next You Tube and Facebook Live appearance is after the sale is over, we thought we should share this latest find now.

Target has all their organizing and storage stuff on sale this week.  AND if you subscribe to Cartwheel, you can get an ADDITIONAL 10% off on their storage bins!

I think the sale AND the extra Cartwheel discount ends of Saturday, 1/6/18.

So besides, the normal Sterilite bins, we bought a collection of these fancy ones.  They come like this only with a band around them for about $11.

And the regular shoebox sized Sterilite boxes are only 84 cents!  They’re great because it’s a standard stock item and you’ll always be able to fit them together (although they’re doing white lids now and we already have lots of them with blue lids).

Organizing Your Stamp Room

That’s 5 fancy pieces!  And they have different colors too!

Once it’s unpacked, you can get a bit more of an idea of how they look.

Organizing Your Stamp Room

I think we’re going to use the long, skinny one for bringing things over to the camera area so we can keep the desktop less cluttered.

The big one is bigger than a sheet of card stock or a catalog so that might be useful.

You can purchase them separately, but if you’re going to use all of them, the bundle is a little better.

So what would you use them for?  Leave us a comment below and maybe we’ll feature it on our next broadcast!


It’s usually better to figure out the need and THEN buy the storage containers, but we thought we could spread these around the house if need be.

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What a great storage idea!