How organized are you? Do you put everything away right after you use it? Or would you like to get more organized?

We’re always looking for more ways to get more organized. And we’re always tweaking our craft room hoping to find the way that will work best for Ann.

And the answer isn’t the same for everyone. One person might like to store their punches hanging on the wall. Another might prefer them in a drawer. And someone else might like to have them in a container on the top of their work surface.

Today in Our Live Stream…

…we’ll be covering several ways to consider to help organize your craft space. No matter whether you have everything in boxes to stamp on your dining room table or you have a dedicated craft room, we’ll have something for you. And we’ll keep your budget in mind.

Get More Organized
Get More Organized

You can watch it live at 2pm Pawcific Time today or on the replay using these links:

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