We had so much fun sharing Christmas card ideas from the 2019 Stampin’ Up! Holiday Catalog yesterday.

As usual, not everything went right, but we had a good time. And I’m pretty sure that everyone else did too.

We shared some Christmas card ideas from Stampin’ Up!’s 2019 Holiday Catalog that’s coming out next week. You can watch it in the video below.

We start a few minutes early on Facebook so that we can point people to the correct post. For some reason, Facebook let’s us schedule the live stream event. Then, as it goes live, they put it in an entirely new post.

Ann had the prelude music up too loud before we started. YIKES! My poor ears! We’ve got that fixed for next time.

We’re kind of fussy that way so we cut it out of the Facebook recording. (It was never on the YouTube broadcast.)

Ann forgot to share a fun fact!

We’ve Checked and Double Checked

Did you know that our only clients who haven’t used their August shopping coupons have the initials KC? Isn’t that interesting?

At least, we’re hoping we’ve caught them all. We’ve sent out personal reminders. Maybe one more reminder won’t hurt. I’d hate to see them lose out on cashing in.

There are just a couple days left.

Have you used your coupons? And have you thought about becoming a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator? (Both of these end August 31st. Don’t wait until the last minute.)

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We’d love to have you!

If you’re looking for more Christmas card ideas, here’s a link to over 400 Christmas card ideas we’ve shared over the years.

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We hope you enjoyed our Stampin’ Up! 2019 Holiday Catalog sneak peek card ideas.