Oh my!  How was yesterday for you?  Were you on the road?  Were you shopping the Cyber Monday sales?

Did you get in on our free shipping and cool little gifty bags special?  Ann had to work with the left side of her brain sending all those packs of bags to you with the free shipping opportunity.  All the orders had to go in separate.  Just be looking for a small package that will probably come in a padded envelope via your favorite postal worker.

Or maybe your NEXT favorite postal worker.

It takes a little longer that way because Stampin’ Up! sends small packages through a special service that UPS has worked out with the Post Office.  UPS gets it as close as they can to your home and then the Post Office delivers it.

But don’t worry!  The big boxes come the normal way!  As you can see, I’m pretty knowledgeable in the shipping department.

Dog Shipping UPS

And my namesake knew a lot about trucking.  This dog knows his stuff.

The next big thing we’ll be doing is a Facebook Live tomorrow on my Facebook page.  If I’m good, Ann will let me appear at the end.  I was tempted by some card stock on the floor last time and so I think she got distracted by all the little pieces I left behind.

And they’re still there, by the way!

I hope she’ll vacuum them up before we go on tomorrow.

Here’s a peek at our last one.  It’s so much more fun when you’re there and can talk to Ann.  I just never know what she’ll say.

When she started out, she had the card in her head but decided on the colors at the last minute.  You’re really creating the card along with her.  She talks about borders and adhesives and…well, you’ll just have to watch.

We used a sneak peek stamp set from the upcoming Occasions Seasonal Catalog and featured the card later in this post.

We’ll be going live to You Tube soon for those of you who aren’t in the Facebook Fan Club.  Perhaps we should test that a bit in the middle of the night.

Come join the fun tomorrow afternoon at 1 – Pawcific Time right here.

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What a great handmade card idea!