Everyone at our local stamp club got a house last night….except me.

That’s okay.  Ann told me that there was chocolate inside.  As you probably know, chocolate is like kryptonite to dogs.  Ann says that I can’t even even have a taste.

I snuck a chocolate chip once when I was a pup.  It scared Ann to death!

So Cindy gave mine to my favorite huMAN.  That way her work wouldn’t go to waste.  He LOVED it!  (He normally hides in the bedroom and watches TV when the stamps and ink come out.  Or in the daytime, it’s usually the garden that calls him.)

Halloween Candy House

Wasn’t that nice of Cindy to make those for everyone?  She really loves the Home Sweet Home Thinlets Dies and uses them a lot.  They even talked about how much she uses her Big Shot.  Ann and I do too.

Cindy’s the type that you’d love to have in your office.  She brings everyone in her office a little gift every holiday.  Can you imagine how nice it would be to come to work to find a little house of candy as a surprise?

Maybe she’ll come and work for me one day!

While we’re sharing Big Shot stuff, let me share some organization things that Ann does to help keep her Big Shot Framelits and Thinlets.  She bought this holder at our local Target.  They have lots of little storage containers.  You may want to bring a set of framelits or thinlets with you to be sure the size is right.

Big Shot Die Holder

See the clothespin?  It’s a quick place to hang a die before it gets lost.  It only stays there until she puts them away.  (There usually aren’t THAT many on there!

Since then, we’ve put a small magnet cut from the sheets I’m about to show you.

You know, it would seem such a waste to not use the envelopes that Stampin’ Up! gives you with your dies so we use them to store the dies.  The magnets just enhance what’s already been given to us.

Big Shot Magnets

They’re 4″ x 6″.  They’re just the right height and you really don’t need them to go all the way to the edge.  They’re strong and you can have some hanging off and they won’t get thrown around.

Do you know how we know?  We tested some!  And these magnets are just the right ones.  Strong, but not too strong.  The other ones we tested were not strong enough.  If you shook them just a little, they’d fall off.

And they’re not expensive!

Sometimes Ann will cut them to apply them differently on a large die envelope.  We usually use the cardboard that’s inside.  Nothing to throw away!  But if it gets too crinkly, we cut a piece of the cardboard they use with the Designer Series Papers.  If we don’t have any of that cardboard, then a piece of Thick Whisper White cardstock.

You get the picture.

Big Shot Magnets

I’ll bet you n0ticed that we write the number of how many dies are inside on the top right of the envelope.  Counting them before we put them away helps us keep track of those little metal things!

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