Did you see that game yesterday?  We had some friends over to watch it with us and they were all dog lovers!

They let me do things that Ann doesn’t……like lick their faces!  YIKES!  I’ll bet they would’ve given me people food if Ann wasn’t watching.

My life as a dog!

Now, some of you are reading this in your email, but if you didn’t get the email yesterday entitled “Is there a Football Game Today?”, then you should go look in your inbox for it.

And if it’s not there, then make sure you join Ann’s mailing list here so that you don’t miss the next important personal communication from us.

Super Bowl Victory

Now, we had one Patriots fan in the room.  The others were fans of teams that weren’t playing.  And then there was that one lady that didn’t know ANYTHING about football except that the ball was shaped like an egg.

By the end of the game they were ALL rooting for the Patriots!

And oh, what a fun time they all had!  Food everywhere!  And our Patriots fan got up and danced!

And how about that halftime show!  Like her or not, Lady Gaga put on a show that started off with a patriotic song before she flew in from the top of the building.  WOW!  Who’s going to top that!?!  It was up there with Bruno Mars!  Great shows no matter what kind of music you like!

So we made this card with our Patriots fan in mind, but I think we’re giving it to my favorite huMAN.  I think it would be a timely thing.

Super Bowl Victory

Personally, I think the Super Man looks a bit sunburned, but it’s a 4-1/2″ square card that fits inside a standard envelope.  That way, you can save money on postage!  (Square envelopes require extra postage.)

And about that email that you may or may not have received…. Here’s a hint.  Because of the way that the game turned out, it’s enough to make me bark out loud!

Football Special

We used pretty much the same stuff for this card that we used to make this card.  (Except we used Watercolor Pencils, Blender Pens and a Real Red Marker.)

Remember to use the current hostess code XFBG4NV to be sure that the chocolate sprinkles and unicorns start falling from the sky. 

Just barkin’.

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