We love red in this house!  My favorite huMAN likes blue best, but he’s cool with red.  (Good thing.  We’ve got lots of it!)

We may be giving him this card, but we missed a step!  I’ll bark about that in a minute.

Mojo Valentines Card

This just speaks to me!  I might even like it better if we put some Real Red Enamel Shapes.

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We don’t usually mix fonts, but this is what we had to work with.  And I like it!

What Ann forgot to do was to use the coordinating Embossing folders that make the HAPPY word pop.  Do you know that we initially didn’t even see the Celebrations Duo Embossing Folders!  LOVE that we finally got them!

Here’s what we used to make this card.  Be sure to pick up our latest host code here (or it’s listed towards the top of the right column) if you’re in the shopping mood.  That way we’ll include a small gift with the reusable card we send all our online shoppers.

Handmade Card Making Supplies

Price: $110.00

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Have you started your Valentines yet?