Ann lost a special friend this week.  He was an older man that she used to work with and go to church with.  (And my favorite huMAN even won a softball tournament with him and his sons and friends many years before I was born.)

85 years is an old person to some people.  No matter what the age, Lennie was a really nice man who will be missed by many.

So here’s a special, but clean and simple card that we hope will bring comfort to his wife and family.

Sympathy Card Idea

What’s more important than how fancy or difficult the card, is the fact that they’re holding it in their hand and can feel the love you put into it.

Much like I feel when Ann scratches me behind the ear or lets me sleep on her lap.

Sympathy Card Idea

It’s good to have a few sympathy cards on hand when you can’t find the heart to make one.  But if you can, it’s such a bittersweet part of the healing process that should actually make you feel better.

If you’d like to make a card like this, the Flourishing Phrases stamp set has several greetings for more festive occasions.  It’s a grrrreat stamp set for someone who’s starting out or who doesn’t have a lot of greetings.

The Early Espresso and Sahara Sand combination give it an elegant, but somber feel.  You can see over 700 Clean and Simple Card Ideas here.  Here’s everything else we used to make this sympathy card.

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A clean and simple sympathy card looks elegant.