Why have I been holding off on using copper on our cards?  It’s beautiful!  And you have options!


Yes, they told us that they weren’t going to sell any more.  I think what they MEANT was they had more on the way and when THESE are sold out, they’re gone!  They just didn’t want to get far behind on backorders.

You know. Ann loved Copper Embossing  Powder long before I was born.  And she still loves it!  Can you see why?

Enjoy the Little Things Card

And just to get it right, we added a little Cherry Cobbler heart from the Regals Enamel Shapes to add a shiny texture to it.

Enjoy the Little Things Card

I think you can see the heart better in this picture.  (Of course, you can click on any picture to see it up close & personal.

Enjoy the Little Things Card

Love it?  I know I do.

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Copper is my favorite metal for cards!