What are you doing with the envelopes when you make a card?

  • Do you buy nice ones?
  • Or are you shopping the bargains?
  • Do you decorate them?
  • Or do you send them naked into the postal system?

We shared this special card in this post a few days ago.

Kindred Spirits Sympathy Card

But what we didn’t share was the cool matching envelope that we stamped to go with it.

Card and Matching Envelope

If you look closely, you can see where Ann tested the greeting on the Grid Paper so she would know if it were mounted correctly on the wood.

And doesn’t it look better with a matching envelope?  YIKES!

There’s something about the Stampin’ Up! envelopes!

  • They’re very smooth.
  • You can feel the quality before you open the card.
  • It announces that there’s a beautiful handmade card inside.
  • They’ll even keep the envelope!

Once you use the Stampin’ Up! envelopes, you’ll never go back.  they’re smooth quality and value priced.  Be sure you use our current shopping code listed at the top right of this page so we can add a small gift to the reusable card we send all our online shoppers.

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