When we made today’s card, we were planning for my favorite huMAN’s Father’s Day Card.  And that’s what we used it for.

But it could be a birthday card or a graduation card as well.  Or perhaps something to celebrate winning a competition.

My favorite huMAN’s favorite color is blue.  If you’ve been reading my barks for a while, you might know this.

Number One Card

But if the Golden State Warriors had won the NBA Finals last night, this would’ve been a great card for that as well.

We just didn’t PLAN it that way.  It just kind of happened.

But we DID know that it’s the colors for our local Faith Christian High School.

Card Making Tips

  • The lined rays of the sun are actually meant to be to make a kite!
  • Stamp & punch out the #1 circle for reference.
  • By connecting the base of the image to make a circle, you’ll make the rays fairly round.
  • It’s most likely easier to star with a larger Whisper White square & then trim to fit the stamped sun.

Number One Card

Card Making Supplies

We know that you’ll probably want these two sets to expand your options on future cards.  Here is what we used.  You’ll definitely want to use the host code towards the top right of this page so that we can add a small gift to the reusable full sized card we sen all our online shoppers.

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What’s your best card?