We’re busy mailing swaps and Sweet Treats and cleaning out Ann’s office.  (The white hair on the navy futon CAN’T be mine, can it?)

Now, you can make multi-layer, drop dead gorgeous display worthy cards for these swaps or you can do cards that their friends will actually make.

Well, you might not make this one, but if your school colors are blue and yellow, you might!

Graduation Card

Card Making Tips

  1. I think it’s important – with graduation AND wedding cards – to color coordinate them with the event.  It’s something that easy to do when you expand your collection of ink pads.
  2. If we weren’t doing so many, the new Enamel Shapes would make a nice addition with a star or two in Crushed Curry.
  3. With this one, it’s all about where that star is flying in from!  The one above wasn’t the best one, but we soon learned that the star looked best flying in from the bottom left.

How do I know this?

Because this next shot is of the first card we made.  For some reason, it just doesn’t look as good to me.

Graduation Card

At least in real life…

You can find out how much you like this in real life too by stocking up on these stamp[ing supplies!  Just click on any picture for details or to add them to you shopping cart.

You can see a couple dozen more graduation card ideas here.

Card Making Supplies

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Doi you ever make cards to swap ideas with your friends?