Not going to bark much today.  This is Ann’s favorite holiday and we just couldn’t let it go by without thanking those of you who sent us cards.

So, of course, we’re sending all of you one too.

Easter Card Idea

If you’re here looking for an Easter card idea that you can make quickly, we’ve got over 40 Easter Card Ideas here.

Ann’s pretty happy that she gets to go celebrate today with some of you.  I think that’s who is getting this card.

Easter Card Idea

Keep your fingers crossed and in the prayer position that I’m a good dog today and that Ann is up singing with the choir on time.  We stayed up late to watch the Ten Commandments.

I was right.  It hadn’t changed, but it’s my favorite huMAN’s favorite movie of all time.  We own it, but he prefers to watch the 5 hours with commercials on the TV.

Go figure.

Have an amazing Easter and celebrate all the good things that are available to you today because of the greatest sacrifice about 2,000 years ago.

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Have a happy Easter!