Can you believe that this little chick broke the internet?


Ann and I played with this card last night.  (“Worked” just doesn’t seem like the right word.)

We even asked for input from my favorite huMAN.  And we followed his advise too!  Usually we end up doing just the opposite of what he suggests – at least art-wise.  (We love him.)

But when Ann went to upload the pictures and type this for me, there was no internet!  It was late so we figured that we’d wait until  morning.

Easter Card

And that was the right thing to do.  The internet figured out how to install an “anti-cute-Easter chick” device and lo and behold, we had internet!

But Ann had to go act like a pretzel at yoga first so NOW she’s uploading this for me so you can enjoy it too.  She’s even talking about doing a scope on Periscope today to share some quick tips about how she cut and colored that cute Easter chick.  Make sure you’re following her if you’d like some quick card making tips.

It was quite surprising even to me.

Easter Card

Don’t you think that my favorite huMAN picked out a good layout?  Would you have done it any different?

And that cute Easter chick is FREE with a $50 order.  You just can’t get much cuter than that!

Here’s what we used to make this Easter card.  The Kraft Paper is on the inside.   It matches that corrugated paper and was meant for the front.  But Ann forgot to put it on the front until after the card was put together.

Good thing because I like it better this way.  Don’t you?

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