Do you get enough exercise?  Ann’s been trying to do better with that.

Since November, she’s been walking 3 miles many mornings and last week she even tried yoga!

She’d done yoga before with my favorite huMAN many years ago – before I was born.

And afterwards, she came home and made the best cards!  She made videos.  oh, my!  She even shared this on Instagram.

Birthday Card

Isn’t that nice?  And you can get one of the stamp sets for free when you purchase at least $50 of other stamps and supplies.  (Read on for the supply list.)

You can find over 300 Birthday Card Ideas here.

If you’ve been reading my barks for any amount of time, you probably know that I try to list different days you can celebrate with a card or appropriate action.

  • Today is Peanut Butter Day (make a sandwich?)
  • Tomorrow is Irish Coffee Day (need an excuse?) and Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day
  • Tuesday is Australia Day, Spouses’ Day (AKA Military Spouses’ Day) & Peanut Brittle Day
  • Wednesday is Chocolate Cake Day (but not for dogs)
  • Friday is Puzzle Day & International Fun @ Work Day (that last one is every day here.)
  • Next Sunday is Inspire Your Heart with Art Day (come back!)

If you’re in a shopping mood, here’s a list of what we used on this card.  be sure to use our current host code (shown at the top left of this page) so we can include a small gift in with the thank you card we’ll send you in early February.

Card Making Supplies


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What would YOU like to celebrate this week?