…the moms who had to do it all.  You know who you are!

Maybe dad wasn’t around or maybe he was just working so hard to get food on the table, you had to pick up a bit extra slack.  (Families of pilots, long haul truck drivers and retail workers come to mind.  And let’s not forget our military families.)

In any case, put your feet up and enjoy your day.

Non-traditional Father's Day Card

This is another card that we featured for our Stampin’ Pup Club members this month.

Non-traditional Father's Day Card

Now if you’re looking for some different types of days to celebrate and send a card to surprise a friend, here is where you can start:

  • Tuesday is Public Service Day (think EMT’s, Police, etc.) & Pink Day (wear some!)
  • Wednesday is Fairy Day
  • Friday is Beauticians Day & Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • Saturday is Industrial Workers of the World Day

Be sure to use our host code when you shop hereGMBBBBBC – so we can include a gift with your thank you card we send you next month.

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