It may just be another day to you, but almost every Sunday, we share a list of some unique card giving days for the upcoming week.

Just think of who you can surprise with a handmade Thank You Card or Thinking of You Card.

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Yes, I have a life other than being a blogger, card maker & film director.  On our more social media, I also sometimes work as a canine model.  Or perhaps you could look at me as a service dog – a sort of dog psychologist.

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So onto my fun days to give cards for this week:

  • Monday is Scrabble Day – send a card to a friend that you’ve played the game with
  • Tuesday is Be Kind to Lawyers Day & Library Workers Day
  • Wednesday is Bookmobile Day (be sure to file your taxes!)
  • Thursday is Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day
  • Friday is Ford Mustang Day & Haiku Day

Saturday is jam packed & deserves its own group:

  • Record Store Day (Ann used to manage one – guess that dates her!)
  • Columnists Day
  • Auctioneers Day
  • Amateur Radio Day
  • Pet Owners Independence Day (HUH?)

I hope that gives you a few people you could surprise with a loving thought in a card.

Remember that we’re here when you need us.

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