Before Christmas comes Thanksgiving.  And before Thanksgiving comes Halloween – or as I like to call it – Pumpkin Head Day.

I stay home on this day.  Sometimes they stay with me.  Sometimes they go out and help at the church to serve candy to anywhere from 1,500 to 3,000 kids.

I steer clear so that no one steps on my toes or tempts me by dropping candy.  (Remember  that chocolate is not good for dogs!)

Halloween Card

Does it look like that ghost ate somebody?  Because that’s the look I was looking for.  We really love that 5/8″ Silver Satin Ribbon.  It brings back memories of ribbons gone by.

I would like to think that Joan Rivers would’ve gotten a kick out of this.  She was one funny and courageous lady.  If Ann ever lets me have plastic surgery, I’m not telling anyone!

Here’s a list of what we used on this quick card.  Just click on any picture to have a closer look.  You can even add it to your shopping cart.

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