Do you know someone who is having a baby fairly soon?  Well, we’ve got the perfect gift for you!

Wouldn’t this be the perfect way to give a gift card just before the baby comes?

Baby Popcorn Box

A gift card without an envelope will fit right in there and still have room for a baby washcloth.

And what kind of gift card would you give?

Baby Popcorn Box

Well, if it’s a first baby and there’s still time, you could give a gift card to a movie theater that has reclining seats so they could have one last date before the baby comes.

Or you could always color coordinate it with a Target gift card so that the mom could buy something for herself OR the baby.  (I always like to give the mom something so that she can feel special.)

Or perhaps a massage gift certificate.

Or even a gift certificate from me for some Project Life supplies to document the new arrival.

Now, our version is a faster version than the one that is shown in the catalog on page 17.  Ours is a bit more abstract, but I still like it (or I wouldn’t have shared it with you).

Remember that you can bundle this set of Popcorn Box Thinlits with the Ready to Pop stamp set and save 10%.  Just click on the pictures below for more details or to start your shopping cart.

Stampin’ Up! Project Supplies

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Use today's shopping code for a bonus gift! TB9XE9GZ

Use today’s shopping code for a bonus gift! TB9XE9GZ

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