These three sisters are warming up for the big day on Sunday.  Be sure that you keep your pets inside well before the midgets in costumes show up. 

See these "ladies"?  They don't even want you to SEE their costumes!  They're hiding behind a VERY small curtain!  so don't expect your 4 legged friends to enjoy wearing some silly get-up unless you let us have a couple practice runs this week.

Witches on Stage

CONGRATULATIONS TO JOYCE BATTY WHO WON THE BLOG CANDY CONTEST.  Her comment on this post was that she's going to send out 100 Christmas cards – all out of state or out of town.  I sure hope I get one!  Joyce is going to get the Peaceful Season Hostess Set for playing.  I'll even let her pick something else if she'd prefer.  I'm nice that way.

We'll probably call her later on today.  Ann almost saw the sun come up this morning as she finished wiring up the new computer.  Well, at least she got it under the desk & all the wires in.  Would you believe that she wanted ME to get down there & dust under the old computer?  Doesn't she know that's not in my job description?

Next thing we'll be giving away is the drawing for the Barking Board.  I believe we're about have full, but you've got to get your name on there to win the $100 gift certificate.  Find out how it works here.

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