This thank you card is for all those peeps down the street who were making all that racket and flashing lights last night.  I couldn’t see the lights, but I could hear the sky light up.  We’re just glad there wasn’t a fire in the dry field next door.  Whew!

But this dog has it under control.  I actually LIKE to stand outside watching lightning even though I don’t like getting wet.

Go figure.

All I need is a set of Stars Framelits & some red, white and blue card stock and I’ve got a patriotic card.  Of course, we threw a little Hello Honey for some gold on the card.  (Some like silver.)  And don’t you like that Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper?  Oh yeah!

4th of July Thanks

Ann & my favorite huMAN ducked out to see the new Transformers movie.  They LOVED it and were chatting about it even after they got home.  I immediately knew where they’d gone by the interesting smells on Ann’s pants.  I think I knew some of those people that sat in that seat before she did.

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