I’ve been wondering what to post today.  I’d like to think that all of you are spending your time with friends and family today.  I hope most of all that you are contemplating the true meaning of Easter.  It’s Ann’s favorite holiday and for me, it’s second only to my birthday.

What’s YOUR favorite holiday?  Just leave a comment and let us know.

We’ll share a card in a minute because I know that if I can’t have my first wish for you, I’ll take my second – and that’s for you to be stamping and having fun!

But first – my Easter Card to all my fans.  (if you want to pin this or share with your Facebook friends, just use any of the links at the bottom.)Happy Easter

And since this is a special day, I’m going to share a version of a card I’ll be sharing with the Master Stampers.  Things around here have been crazy and before I go to the spa next month, we’ll be making a project together.  Of course, it’s not mandatory that they make the project with Ann.  They can just watch from wherever they live and let Ann make all the mistakes for them.  (We know you just love that!)  Master stampers can register here.

Be sure to check out the Master Stamper because right after I get back from the spa, we’ll be having ANOTHER cool Master Class time that is always the most popular.  And that is all I’m barking about that for now.

Water Color Circle Card

This is just one version of the card.  I think we’ll share two because I’ve got a more interesting spin to share on this one!  I’ve loving and giving like that because I love all my stampers, but especially my Pup Club and Master Stampers.  (And thank you to Nita and Doodles for the awesome Easter cards.)

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