Rather than bark about something I don’t know about, I’ll let Ann share – just as long as she doesn’t get used to it!  You can click on any of the pictures for a close up.


It all started with a sign.  I was truly humbled when I saw Kirkland holding it.  We’d never met before, but you know us stampers – we were fast friends.

OysterShuckingKirkland drove me to check in at my hotel.  She chose an excellent place to eat and I learned how to eat raw oysters on the half shell and Shrimp & Grits.  (I ate there THREE more times before I left!)


Sure wish I would’ve taken my camera out for Kirkland’s picture instead of using my phone.



I later hooked up with Linda from Dallas.  Linda is on our team of 24/7 Stampers and came to the first of the two seminars.  It was nice having a roommate even though this is the only picture we got of just us.  We were LEARNING so we’re only about a block from the hotel at this point.


Mary-TDThis was the kick off of our Ghost Tour through the French Quarter.  The buildings are from the early to mid 1800’s so of course, there are lots of stories to tell.

This is behind the cathedral on the edge of Jackson Square.


They call her Touchdown Mary, but that’s only because of the way the shadow is cast on the wall.  Never thought I’d ever do a Ghost Tour – especially one that started in a Voodoo Shop.  YIKES!  They didn’t allow pictures in there and I wasn’t taking them anyway.


CafeDuMondeHere we are at our SECOND trip to Cafe Du Monde sometime during the second seminar.  Yes, the powdered sugar is piled high and you MUST have a Cafe au Lait no matter WHAT time it is!

It’s pronounced caFE o-LAY and is made with a coffee that has chicory in it.  Then it’s mixed with half milk and half coffee.

You MUST go there since the place has been around some 80+ years.


After both events were over, some of us stayed to see more of New Orleans.  We ventured over into the Garden District, but we never could quite get on a streetcar.  They were always packed window to window!


I walked over 7 miles that day, but it was worth it.

They have some beautiful homes and fences in the Garden District (which wasn’t flooded).



And some have official greeters, Stamper!


I missed seeing the actor John Goodman because I was too busy talking to his Cocker Spaniel!  I did see him from the back as he turned to go back inside his home.  I’m sure he was thinking “Crazy Tourists!”  We also walked by the homes of Nicholas Cage and Sandra Bullock and where Benjamin Button was filmed.

ChristmasFishWe did a little shopping, but I left this gorgeous creature there.  The only reason I didn’t buy this unique ornament was because I wasn’t sure if I’d get it all the way back to California in one piece!  I hope that Catherine’s fish made it to North Carolina.

You just don’t see art with character like that every day.

I’m leaving a LOT out, but I have to thank Liz and John Sanpietro for the great tour of the Garden District and then the following day through the French Quarter and Bourbon Street, ending up at the Treme’ Gumbo Fest.  Their 6 year old son, John, took this picture for me.  Maybe I’ll put a picture of him doing his presentation at the first seminar on Stamper’s Facebook page later today.  (LIKE Stamper here.)


I can’t wait to take Stamper’s favorite huMAN back with me next time!

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