Happy Flag Day!  I wish I could remember everyone’s birthday, but so far, I can only remember one stamper’s special date and that’s Cindy Williams.  Why?  Because her birthday is on Flag Day!  You might be born on Christmas or the 4th of July, but Cindy Williams is the only one that registers in this little pup’s head.  Doesn’t mean I don’t love you as much.  Just means that my data banks are going the way of Ann’s – and that can be VERY dangerous!

Left to her own devices last night, Ann tried to do a video on her own.  You can see that I had to check in from time to time, but then she tried to edit me out!  I was able to paste back in a few outtakes at the end.

My favorite huMAN has one of these new fangled things that Ann talks about in the video.  We just don’t let him sleep with the new platform.

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