I've been sitting on a secret the past few days.  It wasn't enough that Cristi emailed a nice note about how I share so freely & how I'm so talented.  (She forgot to mention good looking.)

Cristi did mention that she liked Ann's pen.  

So the mail lady came and brought a package that had this really nice crosstitched card that looked a lot like me and a little gifty.  She must have known that my birthday is coming September 2nd.


Isn't that a nice card?  You you can click on it to see it close up.  And here I am modeling what's inside the package.  I just don't know which one I'll wear next!


So, thank you, Cristi!  You're a peach!    And to think my birthday's just 9 days away!  You are right on time!  They're scheduling a 3 day weekend in my honor so everyone can get the appropriate amount of partying in for my 7th birthday.

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