We sent out a newsletter update and included the yummy Peaches & Sour Cream Ice Cream recipe that everyone loved last weekend at Bunco.  We're making more this weekend.

But we also tried a recipe of a different sort and bottled it up late last night.  Must've looked like Frankenstein's kitchen with this test batch.  The colors are just a bit off.  It's a very light lavendar.  Even lighter than Wistera Wonder.


I can tell you that it's not something you eat.  And I can tell you that the receipe will be in our next newsletter that will be coming out just after Labor Day.  It's an inexpensive gift that you can make in any size.  (But I should say that Ball Jars are on sale at Target throuogh today.)

So be sure to sign up for the newsletter at the top left of this page so you won't miss out on the directions for this cool little gifty that'll knock your socks off whatever color you make it.

Here's the main parts we decorated this pint sized Ball jar with:

But if you're going to get this Windows Collection Framelits & the Friendship Preserves stamp set, you'll save quite a bit buying them in a bundle together – like $7-9!

That's enough for a very nice toy for my birthday on September 2nd!

Use #129947 for the Wood and #129948 for the Clear & you'll be right as rain.