What a day Ann had yesterday.  I couldn't get her off the phone!  She was so excited!  She wouldn't shut up!  You know how she gets!

She & my favorite huMAN had gone to see Cirque Du Soleil.  It's a kind of circus without animals.  I'd wonder how that could be but we have their videos.  Anyway, they called my favorite huMAN up on the stage to help!  And one of the mimes came down into the front row & hugged Ann!  (she'll never wash that shirt again!)

All I know is that I think she's going to be talking about this for WEEKS!

But I digress.  Ann did 25 swaps with other demonstrators who also earned this trip.  We decided to make it so that it resembled the invitation to the Diva Day celebration she's sending out to qualifying members of our team.  I'll post more about it soon, but you Mouse Lovers will get a kick out of this one.  


The team one is all about the Punch Art.  This one's all about the Big Shot.  Gotta love that!  More as the saga continues!

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